Rapidly Acquire and On-Board Your Most Profitable Customers

With Pegasystems, you can deliver customer-centric acquisition and on-boarding strategies that drive higher levels of new business at lower cost. Because Pega solutions put the power of innovation into the hands of the business owner, you can rapidly turn business objectives into a unified acquisition strategy that extends across every inbound and outbound channel. And with the ability to intelligently automate processes for account set-up and fulfillment, you can drive on-boarding costs to their lowest level.

With Pega acquisition and on-boarding capabilities, you can:

  • Maximize the value of every marketing dollar.
  • Deliver personalized campaigns to optimize every contact with customers and prospects.
  • Rapidly bring new campaigns, offers and products to market.
  • Leverage service interactions as sales opportunities.
  • Quickly and easily open the right account for each customer.

Key Capabilities

  • Real-Time Marketing – Unified customer data, real-time decisioning and coordinated campaign strategies across every inbound and outbound channel dynamically generate the best offers that match the right customer to the right offer at the right time.
  • Predictive and Adaptive Analytics – Predictive analytics simplify customer segmentation using historical data to predict future customer behavior. Adaptive analytics automatically adjust these models with real-time data, such as the customer’s responses and mood, to tailor each offer to the individual and interaction.
  • Social Media — Social channel monitoring lets you stay abreast of prospect and customer opinions, interests and needs to deliver campaigns that respond to individuals and capitalize on social trends.
  • New Account Opening — Dynamic, real-time processes guide representatives and self-service customers through account set-up while automating front-to-back office tasks to reduce processing and fulfillment time.
  • Goal-Driven Interactions — Business-friendly, visual design tools make it easy to simulate, test, execute and monitor customer acquisition strategies. Once you have configured your strategies, Pega applications automatically react to these goals, ensuring optimal results.
  • Customer Process Modeling – Business modeling tools empower you take advantage of every opportunity by automating the complete customer lifecycle including such key sales process as quoting, underwriting, opportunity tracking, account management, and lead and territory management without waiting for IT assistance.