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Pega delivers mobile applications that help organizations engage customers, simplify operations and make change a strategic advantage. Whether building a new app from scratch, extending your Pega-powered business processes to mobile devices, or integrating new customer self-service capabilities into existing mobile apps, Pega Mobility delivers. Pega mobile apps aren't just enterprise applications in a mobile browser – they can work offline just as well as when connected and take advantage of native device features like camera and GPS. And the Pega Mobility platform provides a centralized console to manage apps, devices, and users.

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The Pega Difference

Deliver a seamless experience
A good business application delivers a consistent experience across all channels, including mobile devices, and a good mobile app delivers a consistent experience regardless of the device it’s running on.  Because Pega's mobile solutions are connected to the underlying Pega application, any time a user takes action on a process, all participants see the change in real time no matter where they are, in the office or on the road.  By tightly integrating with backend systems of record, Pega mobile apps extend enterprise processes to mobile devices.  Pega provides a range of mobile development and deployment options to fit the needs of any enterprise and any size development team.

That gets to market quickly
Pega’s model-driven development process can be extended to mobile apps through the same drag-and-drop environment used to create all Pega applications.  Or developers can use familiar web, hybrid, or native development tools and connect with Pega SDKs.  In all cases, reusable apps, code, and mobile services streamline the development process to dramatically reduce build and test cycles, so mobile apps get into the hands of users more quickly.

Built on a complete mobile platform
By integrating mobile messaging technology from our Antenna Software business, Pega is able to deliver apps that work in the most demanding mobile environments, even when connectivity is unavailable or intermittent.  The new Pega Mobility platform also provides a centralized console to manage the entire enterprise mobility environment, including access to apps, devices, and users.

Change is easy
Built on Pega’s revolutionary Build for Change® technology, Pega makes it easy to change any aspect of the mobile application from the user interface to underlying functionality. Whenever a Pega application is updated, those changes are automatically reflected to mobile users, without any need for an app update or a software version download. When a Pega application is modified, the mobile UI is too.  Users will see those changes the next time they access the app.


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Get the Most Out of Social

Pega offers business-focused social networking for both safe and secure internal collaboration as well as a new and effective channel for customer interaction. Pega helps you whether you are looking to ensure that your teams stay engaged on projects through appropriate and timely online discussions or you need to be more responsive to shifting customer sentiment on the social web. 


The Pega Difference

Seamless social channels
Your customers are talking about you on social media. Pega makes it possible for to intelligently monitor positive or negative trends as well as specific complaints or inquiries. Whether in services, marketing or sales, social media is a fact of life. Pega gives you the option of responding appropriately and immediately through the same social channel or moving the conversation to a new channel, such as the call center. Any social media event or message can be immediately and easily converted to a case sent into a specific workflow.

Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement professionals such as BPM analysts and six sigma practitioners appreciate Pega’s native chat, process wikis and ‘direct feedback’ options. Pega makes it easy for team members to make continuous improvement a social exercise, with ability to capture comments, check-in on team news, see issues as they arise as well as new opportunities for improvements.

Find the right person
Because it is context-aware, Pega can help you use social to get to the right expert in your organization at the right time to help your frontline staff when they need it most. Expert chat makes sense especially when a small dose of timely collaboration via social media can produce powerful productivity gains.

Safe and secure
Governance is a major concern for any large organization or government agency. Pega builds governance right into its internal social media tools, ensuring appropriate monitoring and access controls, without affecting the ease of use.

Leverage the Cloud and Focus on Your Business

Pega Cloud® combines Pega BPM and solutions with industry leading cloud technologies, a robust service catalogue and a secure, global operations to enable even more business agility.

Pega's unified platform and solutions are supported on premise, on the cloud or in a hybrid environment, enabling you to seamlessly and easily move from one to the other as your business needs evolve.

With this flexibility, and the capability of Cloud services, Pega Cloud becomes a truly seamless, scalable addition to your existing data center, delivering enterprise-grade security and reliability, uncompromising performance and outstanding business agility.

Get started with a simple Dev/test environment in minutes, or deploy a full production system to thousands of users.


The Pega Cloud Difference

Enterprise-level security and reliability

  • Best-in-class physical and network security with excellent redundancy and reliability.
  • 7 x 24 x 365 availability at 99.95%
  • Control architecture enables applications to achieve regulatory compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, SOC-2 and US - EU Safe Harbor requirements
  • Full redundancy and disaster recovery

Dynamic scaling

  • Start small and quickly build and test your application
  • Easily deploy for full production use
  • Scale in real time to meet current demand on a minute-by-minute basis.

Ultimate deployment flexibility

  • Application portability is built in. Every application built on Pega Cloud can be moved on-prem or deployed as a hybrid with absolutely no code changes.
  • Leverage the global cloud, or deploy into geo-specific regions

Rapid enterprise integration

  • Quickly and easily integrate with back-end systems using state-of-the-art services and connectors.
  • Dedicated VPN lets you treat Pega Cloud as an extension of your data center and integrate seamlessly with your systems.

Comprehensive services, quickly delivered

  • Dedicate team of industry professionals in secure, redundant, Network Operations Centers.
  • 24x7 monitoring, service desk support and server and database administrative services.
  • Customer Success Center management console to request, approve, provision, report on and manage Pega Cloud environments.

Built on Industry Leading Infrastructure

  • Application services via Pega 7 & solution frameworks
  • Infrastructure services and computing power from Amazon Web services (AWS)
  • Security and Infrastructure management tooling from Trend-Micro, Puppet, and Vormetric


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Innovate at the Speed of Business

Pega delivers a highly flexible Services-oriented architecture (SOA) with layers of reusable services and components designed for performance, agility and scalability. Every element of the Pega technology – from database calls to the user interface (UI) – is implemented as a service layer. Leveraging this flexible architecture and Pega’s robust set of technology management tools, you can develop and deploy complete, scalable and secure solutions in as little as 60 to 90 days and at substantially lower cost.


The Pega Difference

Optimize application development and delivery
Pega business-friendly methodology tools simplify development with application profiling, Scrum and agile project management, test management, automated unit testing, localization, accessibility and a robust collaboration environment that breaks down business and IT silos. Combined with Pega’s pre-packaged business solutions, these tools can cut development time and effort by 30% or more and provide excellent visibility into the life cycle of the application.

Support rapid growth with a scalable platform
Pega’s SOA architecture leverages Java EE and clustered servers for the scalability needed to support thousands of concurrent users. In-depth performance benchmarks demonstrate that the distributed architecture offers unmatched scalability, so that you can take maximum advantage of the scaling power provided by leading hardware and middleware vendors.

Gain enterprise-grade security
Multiple security layers and support for your existing security mechanisms deliver the functionality required to safely run your applications in a Web environment. Pega supports a wide variety of encryption and authentication patterns, including URL encryption and obfuscation, HTTPS, field/object level encryption, SSO, Kerberos and SPNEGO. Pega also supports standard multi-zone Web architectures to prevent denial of service attacks, cross-site scripting, URL and session hijacking and spoofing.

Rapidly deploy in-house or on the cloud
Pega offers a simple “change once, run everywhere” approach to deployment from a single administration console. Pega’s unified and reusable processes and rules can run across multiple platforms and channels concurrently from Windows, Linux, Solaris, IBM Systems z and AIX to IBM Web Sphere, BEA Web Logic and Apache Tomcat. Policies and procedures can be stored in multiple databases simultaneously including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. And with Pega Cloud®, you gain ultimate deployment flexibility, as Pega solutions can be built and deployed on the cloud or on-premise and moved transparently between these environments whenever your business demands.

Manage for change and growth
Pega provides tools and methodologies to efficiently manage deployment and change. This includes a centralized, reusable asset repository and work object database as well as tools to view the health of your solutions, make recommendations for improvement and extract case data and other information for use in an external analytics environment. Pega’s education and consulting organizations use best practice methodologies for improvement, project management and transformation that support growth from individual Pega projects to enterprise Centers of Excellence.

Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time for Your Business

Pega eliminates the gap between business insight and execution by unifying business rules and real-time decisioning with dynamic case and business process management. Legacy decision management technology keeps actions (process, case, client interaction) at arm’s length from the decision engines (business policies, predictive and adaptive analytics). Pega brings all decisioning into a central hub and drives real-time intelligence and optimal business outcomes across all aspects of business operations.


The Pega Difference

Simplicity, visibility and empowerment
You don’t need to be an expert in math or science, with highly visual tools business users can graphically create, simulate, measure and optimize business policies, rules and decision strategies without the need for any coding or advanced science degrees.

Use Big Data to enrich decisions and improve outcomes
Pega’s predictive analytics leverage big data as well as historical data to create pattern-based strategies that identify complex relationships. The results include highly predictive scoring models that can significantly improve the probability of desirable outcomes, whether for improved customer experience, incident response management, process optimization, inbound marketing or event triage.

Liberate business rules and policies

Pega’s platform includes a rich set of business rule types, including decision trees, declarative rules, decision tables and strong rules management capabilities on par with any standalone rules engine. By capturing business policies and logic into the system, organizations can ensure compliance and achieve straight through processing wherever possible along with the flexibility to solve complex problems such as product configuration, offer management, tax optimization, and much more.

Adapt and learn in real-time
By combining predictive models with self-learning adaptive analytics, inflight interactions can be improved with new information. During a customer interaction, for example, new information obtained within a conversation can update and inform the decision model. The system does not wait for this new information to be assimilated, but refreshes instantly and constantly to improve results. 

Coordinate strategies across every channel
Built-in cross channel management lets you deploy a centralized decisioning strategy across every channel – including social media and mobile devices. Whether for customer facing sales, marketing or service interactions, or back office case management, guided decisioning can easily begin in one channel and be seamlessly transitioned to another.

Achieve rapid time-to-value
To accelerate time-to-value, Pega offerings such as those for marketing, sales, and service incorporate fit for purpose decision management strategies to expedite implementation of cross-sell/ up-sell and retention.


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Maximizing your investment in ERP

Nearly 80% of the Fortune 500 use SAP to automate core processes. And for good reason: SAP, like other top-tier enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, provides a wealth of functionality and best practices that ensure disciplined operational management of finance/accounting, manufacturing, HR and sales and service.

While SAP provides this stable foundation for operational management, it is very difficult and costly to change. Too often, this inflexibility stifles innovation and organizational responsiveness to changes in the business environment.

To solve this problem, Pega offers the Process Extender for SAP, an integration solution that makes it easy to connect Pega’s market-leading BPM Suite with your existing SAP system. With the Process Extender for SAP, you can extend your core ERP platform to address new business needs that require a higher degree and frequency of change:

  • Automate cases and case work, routing and monitoring to improve efficiency,  accountability and compliance
  • Provide real-time decision support and guided interactions to ensure the best possible business outcomes
  • Support customers and business partners access across multiple channels to manage all interactions consistently and profitably
  • Enable on-demand reporting for immediate insight into the data needed to determine root causes and how to most effectively resolve the issues
  • Make ongoing changes to business applications in days, instead of weeks and months, to increase business agility and responsiveness
  • Go beyond enterprise boundaries into the extended value chain

Pega makes it easy to share information, find the right resources, and get real-time visibility into critical processes.


The Process Extender for SAP provides:

  • Wizard-based tools that make it easy to set up robust, zero-code SOAP and Java connectors
  • SAP-specific connections that make ERP information immediately visible and actionable in Pega BPM and Dynamic Case Management Solutions
  • Secure communications and high-performance data transformation
  • Ability to connect directly to SAP or via SAP NetWeaver, as appropriate for your enterprise SAP architecture


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Pega Process Extender for SAP® Business Suite

Pega Process Extender™ for augments SFDC apps with enterprise-scale BPM, dynamic case management, business rules management and decisioning. Process Extender offers:

  • The ability to quickly leverage the powerful BPMS, decisioning and dynamic case management capabilities of PRPC for your applications
  • Secure single-sign-on connectivity with authentication, support for OAuth and security standards between your and PRPC applications
  • The ability to automatically update changes in data or process state between your and PRPC applications

Now the world's #1 BPMS and Dynamic Case Management product, PRPC, is available to all SFDC customers. PRPC lets you quickly model and automate business processes and business rules to get work done across people and systems, both on the cloud and on-premise. PRPC delivers unparalleled efficiency in the way you onboard customers, fulfill sales orders, and tie your front and back office operations together to grow and differentiate your business.

You can find additional information about Process Extender on’s AppExchange. Use Pega Process Extender to instantly integrate your app to PRPC.


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Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC) is Pega's SaaS-based application performance management solution that helps Pega customers identify and correct system health issues before they impact the business. Pega PDC complements traditional APM solutions by proactively identifying and prioritizing the issues that matter most to your Pega applications' speed and reliability, and recommending specific actions to correct them.

The Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud Difference:

  • Securely Gather and Analyze Application Alerts, Exceptions and Guardrail Violations
  • Generate Visual Reports that are Easily Understood by both Business and IT People
  • Recommend the Next Best Action and Drive Issues to Resolution
  • Receive Complete Turn-Key Support

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