Transform your operations into agile, intelligent processes that drive innovation at lower cost. With Pega, you can break down organizational silos and standardize core business processes, dealer collaboration, telematics, decisioning, aftermarket services, customer service, manage recalls, mobile field service and warranty management.
Manufacturing and high tech
Pega Warranty

Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or a warranty service provider, warranty is about more than just handling the claim. Pega efficiently orchestrates across existing systems, internal silos, and partners to ensure a positive customer experience. Pega offers a unified approach to increase product quality, eliminate fraud, and drive down claims and operational costs, and recovering costs from suppliers. Pega optimizes the process from end-to-end across all channels and devices, capturing incoming data automatically and providing accurate diagnosis and recommendations to resolve faults and settle claims. You can rapidly gain these benefits with Pega’s pre-built, easily configured processes, including, parts returns and supplier recover to exactly match your company’s warranty requirements and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Manufacturing and high tech
Pega provides solutions that help streamline operations, eliminate waste,and improve productivity across the organization. With Pega you can continuously improve the "business of manufacturing" by more effectively managing core business functions such as procurement, inventory flow, supplier risk and even the design process as well as improving quality and monitoring machine health. Apply the methods and tools of Lean Six Sigma in real-time.


When you face a product recall, customer safety is often a critical concern — as is regulatory and public scrutiny. You must act quickly, and current approaches are not sufficient. They leave gaps in key processes across your business, suppliers and external parties and vulnerable to customer dissatisfaction, loss of business, and other liabilities.

The key is to manage recalls quickly and efficiently while maintaining customer satisfaction. Pega provides a single place for tracking and managing the lifecycle of your recall program while providing the best customer experience possible. Orchestrating the process along with your internal systems, Pega manages SLAs, escalation, parts planning and real-time analytics, delivering the guidance on the best decisions to make next. Pega Recall enables you to engage each and every customer — individually. In a recall, every customer has their own personal experience, and each one must be treated with care and respect.

Return Materials

Returns can be costly. Efficient handling together with positive interaction with your customer minimizes the impact. Quick processing times and effective handling saves money and delivers higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Pega gives you the standard functions you expect out of the box — with customized control to meet your exact needs. Pega can streamline your entire return program, including the initial return request via any channel, warranty, recall, approvals, inspections, restocking, and return to vendor and finding the root cause of the return.

Supplier Recovery

Long lead times, disjointed legacy systems, and inefficient processes can slow the recapture of supplier costs. Pega helps you increase your recovery percentage and get faster reimbursement from suppliers and overcome obstacles. Pega automates all your supplier claim processes, including payments, disputes, and chargebacks, increasing productivity to get your claim resolved in less time. Enhanced supplier collaboration through the Supplier Portal results in quick compensation and increased customer satisfaction. When a part that is covered under warranty needs to be replaced, Pega guides your supplier recovery manager to validate product-specific supplier coverage. Suppliers are easily registered into the system capturing their contract details including parts return requirements and payment policies. Your suppliers also benefit from the automated process and fast, detailed claim information to help improve their quality.

Product End of Life

Sunsetting a product involves complex processes that cross many company silos. Pega automates your exact end-of-life roadmap orchestrating collaboration with Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing and other key disciplines. Pega manages all of the essential workflows and approvals to maximize efficiency and generates timely automatic notifications to your customers in compliance with their Service Level Agreements. With Pega, you’re able to maximize your customer experience while optimizing operations and saving cost.

Aftermarket Services

In the mind of your customer, there is no “after” in aftermarket. The aftermarket is a major interaction point with your customers, and these services have high impacts on retention, brand value and profit. Pega provides integrated aftermarket solutions customized to your exact requirements, bringing you closer than ever to your customers. From the time of the initial contact (whether from the customer or the product itself), Pega manages the integrated processes from triage to decisioning, orchestrating field service processes, warranty claims, supplier recovery to the returning materials.

Field Service

Your field service team is your company’s face to your customer. The customer’s experience shapes opinions and your potential for retention and repeat business. Pega Field Service helps you increase efficiency, maximize service resource utilization and build customer loyalty. With the ability to be delivered on any mobile device — online or offline — Pega analyzes the data and coordinates, technicians, tools, inventory and knowledge bases to manage break-fix tasks and deliver reliable maintenance. With Pega Field Service, you can enables you to plan, monitor, schedule, dispatch and route field service technicians and vehicles to fulfill service agreements and increase customer satisfaction.


Accelerate the delivery of your critical business applications with Pega. Our Pega for Manufacturing platform offers industry-standard data models, business processes flows, user interfaces, integration points and pre-configured application accelerators that jump start the deployment of solutions for business.

Our best practice operational capabilities can substantially reduce the time needed to develop solutions across your entire customer and product lifecycles including aftermarket services, bridging gaps in ERP and legacy systems, customer care, field service, product and service management, billing and revenue processes.

Pega augments your existing systems with the ability to incorporate pre-defined data models, user interfaces, processes and interaction flows into new or existing process and policy definitions. All components can be easily customized and extended to meet specific business requirements.

Wrap and Extend Your ERP System

ERP systems play an essential role, but they are not known for their agility. Pega can extend core ERP functions to address new and changing business needs, quickly share information, find the right resources and gain real-time visibility into critical processes. Fully automate work across internal silos, provide real-time decision support to ensure the best possible outcomes, and respond to ongoing change in days instead of weeks or months.


The proliferation of the world’s connected, smart devices has been called the internet of things, the industrial internet and the internet of everything. No matter what you call it, it is an unprecedented opportunity for innovation. But there’s a catch: connected devices need context. Without context there is no assurance that the data being collected is valuable, that communications are timely and relevant and that actions are coordinated with other devices and with human participants.

Welcome to the Process of Everything

The orchestration of these intelligent devices is the natural evolution of Pega’s intelligent business process management. With Pega, intelligent devices can execute business rules, respond to events, initiate dynamic cases, apply predictive analytics to process decisions, and even adapt to change.

Pega's intelligent business processes extend the orchestration of participants in the internet of everything from just human roles to include system-to-system, business-to-business and machine-to-machine participation. Pega is the process engine at the core of mission-critical operations for leading Fortune 500 companies—orchestrating processes, actions and behaviors between devices, systems and people to optimize business outcomes and enhance the customer experience.

Smart Automation

Smart Automation

Jabil engaged Pega for an iBPMs solution that promotes smart automation, to further eliminate waste...

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