ING Insurance

"This is a flexible technology and it significantly reduces time to market. So if we have new prospects, thanks to Pega we can acquire the prospect faster than before."
- Robert Derkacz, Chief Sales Officer, ING Poland

The Business Issue:

ING Group, the largest financial services and insurance conglomerate in the world, knew it needed to become more agile and innovative to better serve Eastern Europe’s evolving economies. Using Pega technology, ING set forth to tackle two key initiatives:

  1. Modernize their sales force
  2. Quickly expand into new markets, with new products, via new distribution channels

The Solution:

Using Pega technology, ING successfully modernized their sales force. Agents used to track and manage opportunities using handwritten notes, or track their activities using numerous spreadsheets. Now the entire sales process is standardized and consolidated to adhere to ING’s best practices.

In addition, Pega’s unified architecture has enabled ING to rapidly expand into new sales and distribution channels such as banks, independent brokers and third parties. Pega’s flexible technology makes it easy for ING to reuse assets across countries and business partners.

The Results:

With Pega, ING has become more agile and innovative. As a result, they have extended their market leadership. ING is now able to respond faster to the evolving global market, and has made their products more available to more customers. ING has:

  • Reduced a 6 month onboarding process to just 8 weeks
  • Tripled their sales force volume in just 9 months
  • Achieved 80% reuse of applications across countries and business partners

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