Alere closes gaps in member healthcare

Alere closes gaps in member healthcare

A global leader in point-of-care diagnostics and personal health support solutions, Alere’s top priority is helping its members quickly identify and close gaps in healthcare.

Alere’s CareAlerts solution, powered by Pega, uses a business-focused rules engine that doesn’t require heavy IT intervention to use and manage. Alere gets actionable analytics from customer data, and can send timely, tailored messages to patients and caregivers via a variety of channels.

By using Pega, we were able to achieve one of the main goals we had. 

Sameh Ebeid, Vice President of Application Development

Pega has delivered the agile processes and dynamic case management Alere required. Positive results of the solution include:

  • 96% global member satisfaction
  • Reduced gaps in care by over 60% in just 12 months
  • Lower operating costs
  • Faster time to market