A variety of customer relationship management systems crowd today’s marketplace, each touting bells and whistles and promising to deliver undying loyalty from your customers. How to sort through the hype when checking out customer relationship management systems?

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While there are a wide range of specific technical attributes and product parameters by which CRM solutions can be compared, decision-makers would do well to zero in on these fundamental qualities when judging business CRM software:

  • Power of the business user — No doubt you want agility in your customer service software, so that your customer-facing processes can keep pace with changes in your business objectives and in your marketplace. What’s less obvious is the key determinant of agility in customer relationship management software. or any business process software for that matter: the degree to which business users can translate new business goals into new processes with little or no assistance from over-burdened IT staff.
  • Flexibility for the real world — Does the CRM system have the flexibility to support differentiated services, across different regions, product lines, and customer types? If the system pushes you towards “one size fits all” service, your customers will pay the price, and ultimately so will you.
  • Time-to-value — Let’s face it, budgets are tight all around. Customer relationship management systems, like any significant business investment, need to earn their keep – and the sooner the better.


Pegasystems is the only business software vendor that market analysts have consistently ranked as a leader in both business process management and customer relationship management. An innovator in rules-based enterprise business software for nearly three decades, Pegasystems is the BPM and CRM provider of choice for many of the world’s largest companies in financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, and service-oriented industries.

Pega customer relationship management systems are the preferred solution for some of the world’s most dynamic organizations because Pega software delivers:

  • An unprecedented degree of control in the hands of business users. Leveraging the very latest technologies, Pega CRM automates most of the programming that’s necessary to turn process models into process applications. With intuitive design tools and automated coding, business users can quickly capture business objectives and turn them into running applications. It’s process agility like you’ve never seen before.
  • Fast and easy service differentiation. With Pega CRM, you can build call center software and other customer service applications that capture organization-wide policies and procedures, while also incorporating differences specific to particular regions, product lines, or customer types. With a highly flexible “layer cake” service architecture, you can achieve just the right balance of uniformity and customization.
  • Rapid time-to-value. Pega CRM is built on open standards so that it quickly and easily gets up and running with your existing systems. To further accelerate your time-to-value, Pegasystems offers a range of solution frameworks that jump start your creation of contact center solutions, client on-boarding solutions, and other customer relationship management systems.

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