PegaWORLD 2011

1600 members of the Pega Community gathered in Orlando in June 2011 to network, to learn and to hear how industry leaders are using BPM to transform their businesses.

Watch the  PegaWORLD 2011 keynote videos to see how the world’s best-run companies are driving customer success by making themselves more agile and more effective with BPM.


CEO Alan Trefler on Driving Customer Success

In Alan Trefler's opening keynote at PegaWORLD, he described how we are at a turning point in the way businesses interact with their customers. In this video, watch as Alan shares his vision for how Pega's technology will revolutionize customer service for years to come.



JPMorgan Shares How to Drive Customer Success & Reduce Costs

In his keynote address, Lester Owens, Director and Global Head of Treasury Services Operations, JPMorgan, discusses how JPMorgan has leveraged integrated & innovative technology solutions to implement a global operating model, which has enhanced the client experience while driving efficiencies. This story shows how all organizations can benefit the guiding principal of providing local client support underpinned by a consistent global technology.



Accelerating the Path to Success – with Pega's Agile Model Driven Architecture

Kerim Akgonul, VP of Product Management at Pega, believes that Pega has a better way to do software, one that fuels the possibility of business. In his keynote, Kerim discusses the latest enhancements in PegaRULES Process Commander and shares Pega's vision for the future. See how implementation teams will be able to double their productivity and produce superior applications that incorporate case management and real-time predictive and adaptive intelligence.



Driving Mutually Beneficial Customer Dialog

In their joint keynote at PegaWORLD, Paul de Laat, Director of Customer Value Management, Lloyds Banking Group and Dr. Rob Walker, Vice President, Decision Management & Analytics at Pega spoke on increasing customer demands and competitive threats that require an emphasis on delivering a superior customer experience across all touch points. Hear their wisdom on how to leverage decisioning technologies and customer understanding to drive a relevant, consistent and profitable dialogue with customers across all channels and interactions, and maximize the value of every customer interaction.