Solution Development as Continuous Conversation

Pega Mesh collaboration heals the typical dysfunctional enterprise software lifecycle. It substitutes a conversational development process that supports mid-cycle response to changing needs, and ships products that pragmatically solve important business and technical problems.

Pega Mesh reinvents enterprise software development as a continuous conversation among customers, partners and employees. Customer needs drive product definition and development, and all participants collaborate in an open and transparent environment.

  • More pragmatic products — Pega Mesh collaboration ensures that new products solve the most important business problems on the day they ship. It ends decades of empty promises and products that deliver only half the expected value,
  • Speed-to-market — Shorter development cycles mean faster innovation delivery. Continuous customer involvement through frequent pre-release downloads helps prepare IT for deployment and dramatically reduce time-to-value.
  • Lifecycle agility to seize new opportunities — With Pega Mesh, customers and partners influence product development as it occurs. The result is an unprecedented ability to create and deploy adaptive solutions that meet emerging needs and competitive pressures.
  • Low risk, transparency and trust — Citizenship in the Pega Mesh community provides direct influence over product development. Complete source code access reduces customization risk. Transparent access to feature planning and issue tracking combined with pre-release downloads build confidence in future enhancement delivery.

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