Business Process Outsourcing

Improving ROI for Business Process Outsourcing Providers

Competition is fierce in the business process outsourcing market, as a growing number and variety of BPO providers angle for clients in a tight economy. Once gained, customers can be hard to keep: half of all business process outsourcing contracts fail within five years. In this environment, BPO providers need every edge they can get to win and retain customers.

A Productivity Comparison of Pega 7 vs. Java EE


A Productivity Comparison of Pega 7 vs. Java EE
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Intelligent BPM: The Next Wave for Customer-Centric Business Applications
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Pegasystems, the recognized leader in enterprise-class business process management and CRM solutions, helps business process outsourcing companies improve the quality and agility of the services that they offer, while reducing costs. By driving better services at lower cost, Pega BPO software enables business process outsourcing providers to improve their competitive position, revenues, and prospects for sustained success

End-to-End BPO Service Management

Pega BPO solutions help business process outsourcing organizations manage and optimize their service offerings from end-to-end:

  • Service provisioning — Analysts estimate that 80% of BPO offerings are highly customized. With Pega BPO, intuitive business process mapping and business process modeling facilities enable you to quickly and easily capture customer business requirements directly into the system. Further accelerating the provisioning process, the system’s “layer cake” approach to creating business process solutions lets you reuse components that are common across your service offerings, and then to overlay that common foundation with elements that are specific to particular customers.
  • Intelligent process automation — The biggest recurring cost that business process outsourcing providers incur is for personnel who manually perform tasks. Pega BPO drives new levels of rule-driven straight-through process automation across your operation, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • SLA compliance — With Pega BPO’s process optimization tools, rule-based process automation, and powerful business process monitoring console, you can offer ambitious SLAs and then meet them – helping you to win and keep customers.
  • Continuous improvement — More than any other business process solution on the market, Pegasystems puts business users in control of business process creation and improvement. Leveraging innovative technology that automates most aspects of application coding, Pega BPO lets you quickly turn new business objectives into new automated and semi-automated services.

To accelerate your time-to-value, Pega BPO is built on open standards and easily integrates with your existing IT assets. Pegasystems also offers a range of industry-specific solution frameworks that jump start your business process outsourcing applications for financial services, insurance, health care, CRM, and more.

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