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Aug 28 2014

TUI UK & Ireland connects customers data end-to-end with Pegasystems

TUI UK & Ireland, which owns the holiday brands First Choice and Thomson, has implemented a system from Pegasystems that joins up customer data from the time of booking to post-travel. The customer engagement platform, called Connect, allows TUI to see the same data on customers through online...
Aug 27 2014

Code Junkies, Mega-Software and the Decline of American Innovation

I once read that writing clear specifications for software was a good idea and that not having them would be like not having architectural blueprints for a building project. And blueprints don't make buildings, right? But what if they could? (Byline by Pega CEO Alan Trefler)
Aug 26 2014

Getting Onboarding Right in the Age of the Customer

Ron Wellman, director of corporate banking solutions at Pegasystems, explains banks are stuck using onerous processes for application data gathering and due diligence, and, particularly on the lending side of the relationship, that process can still be hindered by not capturing and reviewing the...
Aug 26 2014

Hoffman's Hot Seat: Simplifying and Enhancing the Customer and Agent Experience

1to1 Media's Tom Hoffman catches up with Jeff Foley, Director of Product Marketing at Pegasystems, regarding steps that can be taken to simplify and improve the customer experience as well as the agent experience in support interactions, including placing relevant customer data in the hands of...
Aug 25 2014

Next-Level Commercial Underwriting: Adaptive Analytics for Real-Time Decisions

To move from reactive to proactive underwriting, carriers must deploy dynamic strategies that combine predictive analytics with adaptive decisioning capabilities that change underwriting strategies in real time.
Aug 21 2014

Top 10 Takeaways from CRM Evolution 2014

"Social used to be all about listening, but now it’s about converting that insight into action," says Pega's Steve Krause Senior Director, CRM Product Marketing, Pegasystems, during a roundtable panel with severla other customer service experts.
Aug 20 2014

The Boss’s Summer Vacation: Rafting, Hiking…and Conference Calls

Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of software firm Pegasystems Inc.: My last vacation was in December. It was a staycation at my home in Brookline, Mass. All the little things I’m tasked with – installing the new TiVos, upgrading the routers – had piled up. I was here with my screwdriver and my brother...
Aug 20 2014

CRM Evolution 2014 Day Three: As Social Engagement Strategies Mature, New Challenges Arise

For some time, social media was just a powerful listening tool that enabled customers to provide uninhibited feedback, but social networks are slowly beginning to drive action as well. "It's not just about identifying a customer problem through a Facebook complaint and shooting it around the...
Aug 18 2014

The new dawn of brand: You are only as good as your software

Customers are instantly informed about themselves and the world around them. They are using smartphones, mobile computing, and even powerful wearable devices. They accept powerful shopping agents that aggregate and compare prices as routine, and express immediate dissatisfaction on the social web...
Aug 18 2014

Tui hails 'industry leading' system as it launches Connect

The Connect system is supported by a customer-engagement platform developed by technology firm Pegasystems. Tui UK and Ireland customer operations director Fraser Ellacott said: “TUI strives to put the customer at the heart of everything it does and this new system will make it much easier to do