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Dec 05 2014

Future of interoperability is here

“It’s a great pollination of ideas from retail verticals to financial services,” says Elizabeth Hart, industry principal for healthcare. “We target the different pain points and verticalize them for the customers we sell to, but also extend from those so that you can start a CRM system and call...
Nov 24 2014

How banks are looking more like tech companies

“There is not enough technology out there to deal with the compliance needs and regulations,” said Reetu Khosla, global head of risk and compliance at Pegasystems, a software consulting firm. “Regulation is changing so fast, if you implement technology (for one rule), it can be changed.”
Nov 24 2014

A funny thing happened on the way to digital government

Unfortunately, this classic farce has some uncomfortable parallels in the journey to digital government. Like Pseudolus, agencies try to gain "freedom" from a current problem with an approach that leads to mistaken identification of what needs to be done and side shows that waste time, energy and...
Nov 17 2014

Relation-client : Pegasystems intègre Meshlabs et Firefly à sa suite CPM 7

La dernière version de la suite de gestion de la relation client de Pegasystems intègre désormais des fonctions issues de Meshlabs et de Firefly, de récentes acquisitions, et revoit son interface pour simplifier l’usage de son logiciel. De nombreuses autres fonctions ont été ajoutées.
Nov 17 2014

Why the Internet of Things needs the Process of Everything to work

How intelligent BPM (iBPM) will enable collaboration between people, systems and intelligent ‘things’ to ensure they coordinate harmoniously to reach specific business objectives
Nov 13 2014

Breaking Banks BAI Retail Delivery

Today, guest host Jim Marous of the Financial Brand will be coming live from the BAI Retail Delivery 2014 in Chicago. His guests include Michal Panaowicz, Managing Director of mBank- one of the innovation winners at BAI- D. Scott Andrick, Industry Principle, Card and Retail Banking from Pega, and...
Nov 12 2014

Top 100 Companies in FinTech

Pegasystems revolutionizes how leading organizations optimize customer experience and automate operations. Our patented Build for Change® technology empowers business people to create and evolve their critical business system.
Nov 06 2014

Pegasystems Finalizes Acquisition of Ultima Information Technology

Pegasystems has completed the acquisition of Ultima Information Technology based in Istanbul, Turkey
Nov 03 2014

Pegasystems Glides Through Social, Mobile Channels

Pega Customer Service lets reps listen to customer conversations on social networks and, if need be, respond to critical issues or route them to teams that can address them. "What we wanted to achieve was an application that didn't just interact with customers but deeply understands their sentiment...
Nov 03 2014

Pegasystems Glides Through Social, Mobile Channels

Pegasystems has unveiled a major upgrade to its customer service application, offering new functionality both at its customer-facing end and internally for reps who use it. Pegasystems seeded the mobile version of Pega Customer Service with new functionality as well, said Steve Kraus, senior...