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Oct 20 2014

Why CMOs must embrace software and agility or risk a 'customerpocalypse'

CMOs must embrace software and agility or risk a 'customerpocalypse', Pega CEO Alan Trefler tells CMO Australia. “CMOs need to be sensitive to the ramifications of not listening to the customers fully,” he said. The problem is that the entire software process “seems designed to ensure customer...
Oct 13 2014

The Dirty Dishes of Contact Centers

We've all done it. You know you should wash that plate, but you leave it in the sink. Later, it's joined by another plate and some silverware too. You really don't have time right now, so yet another bowl and a glass fall on top. Before you know it, there's a stack of dirty dishes that's too...
Oct 09 2014

Pegasystems introduces Pega Commercial Lines Underwriting application

Pegasystems, the software company powering the digital enterprise, announced its newest insurance application, Pega Commercial Lines Underwriting. Pega's new underwriting workstation combines industry-leading business process rules and workflow functionality with decision-based technology designed...
Oct 08 2014

U.S. Banks, Activists Clash Over Due Diligence Proposal

And most large banks already collect information on their clients for customer due diligence purposes, said Reetu Khosla, global director of financial crime and risk solutions at Pegasystems, which makes software that helps banks with compliance issues. Requiring them to go back through millions of...
Oct 06 2014

Prepare Your Company To Thrive In Age Of Social Media

Some firms are going to die over the next few years, the way Blockbuster Video and Circuit City did, because an entire generation of consumers will not want to do business with them. That's the view of Alan Trefler, author of "Build for Change." He told IBD that "75 million potential customers,...
Oct 03 2014

Onboarding challenges can be overcome

Increased sanctions, tighter anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) controls, plus client demands for a quicker, better all-round service in the cloud and the move to shared service platforms present client onboarding challenges to banks. But there are also opportunities, said...
Sep 29 2014

3 Simple Steps to Understand Your Customers

How much do you know about your customers ? If you're like most businesses the answer is "not enough," according to Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of business software provider Pegasystems and author of Build for Change . Trefler is on a one-man mission to get businesses to stop collecting data and...
Sep 29 2014

Care Management, Customer Service Must Converge

This struck me because we have been having a lot of conversations lately with large healthcare organizations about the importance of the rise of consumerism, and how best to optimize the customer experience. There's significant opportunity to use the power of information and analytics to improve...
Sep 25 2014

Embrace data or watch your business die

A lot of companies across the globe are going to die over the next few years, and not because of macroeconomic stress, but because there is an entire emerging generation of customers who hate doing business with them.
Sep 25 2014

Pegasystems partners with Atos

Cambridge, Mass.-based CRM and BPM provider Pegasystems Inc. partnered with French multinational IT services company Atos SE on Sept. 9. Atos will develop its Pega business across multiple channels, including services for software licenses sold by Pega, and add Pega-based applications to Canopy ,...