Since 1983, Pegasystems has been a pioneer in bringing business rules into Business Process Management (BPM) technology and is now widely recognized as a leader in the industry.

Business rules are the practices, processes, and procedures that define how a company does business; they are an important asset that differentiates enterprises in the marketplace. Pegasystems' patented rules technology allows companies to aggregate their diverse business practices and lets business managers rapidly implement change across the enterprise and over the Web.

Blue-chip companies in financial services, healthcare, insurance, communications, and many other industries, turn to Pegasystems to streamline business processes, to quickly and easily adapt to changing market conditions, and to realize significant ROI.

Alan Trefler, Pegasystems' Founder, Chairman, and CEO, has guided the Company's technology vision. This vision has repeatedly positioned Pegasystems on the forefront of industry trends — often well before these trends have become widely accepted in the marketplace. Mr. Trefler's early experiences teaching computers how to play chess provide the intellectual foundation for his thinking on the importance of rules and automated decisioning.

From best-of-breed rules-based exception-processing solutions in the 1980s to enterprise rules-based customer-service solutions for call centers in the 1990s to today's rules-based Pega BPM solutions for the extended enterprise, Pegasystems empowers the aggressive business strategies of many of the world's most dynamic organizations.