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When you’re choosing co-workers, we recommend taking a page from our customers’ playbooks: demand to work with the best.  Demand innovation, intelligence, and creativity.  We do, and you should too – that’s key to joining the Pega team. 

As we see it, if we’re on a mission to change how people build their organizations, the revolution has to start at home. 

Behind our own Pega BPM technology, are the smart people who bring it to life.  Pega employees are…

Passionate | dedicated, relentless, pioneering
Engaging | approachable, collaborative, insightful
Genuine | trustworthy, enduring, ethical
Adaptive | nimble, resourceful, savvy

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Rank Name Thumbnail Photo Text
1 Floyd M.

"At Oracle, I couldn't really move the needle and see the impact of my work. At Pega, I interact with the people who make decisions, contributing to the creation of real solutions that truly have an impact on our customers' success. Pega offers the stability and advantages of a large company, along with the excitement of shaping the future at a smaller company. I enjoy my job at Pega and would welcome anyone who is interested in making a difference to come and take a closer look at what we do."

Floyd M.
Practice Leader

2 Melanie B.

"Pegasystems takes excellent care of its employees and that it offers more opportunities for growth than any other company I've worked for."

Melanie B.
Human Resources Coordinator

3 Ted N.

"Pega recognizes the value of its team members and crafts everything - from policies to titles, training, and career development - to reinforce the 'team' concept and help make all stakeholders successful.

If you feel like a cog in the machine where you are now, or you're not experiencing personal growth, give Pega a shot. You won't be disappointed!"

Ted N.
Engagement Leader for North America Emerging Markets

4 Will C.

"The people working here have a shared desire to grow, succeed and cement the company as the industry leader.  I like working around people with a collective conciousness focused on success."

Will C.
Business Development Intern for Insurance Marketing

5 Joel D.

"Pega has great people, great products and a great corporate culture centered around helping our customers succeed."

Joel D.
Senior Sales Consultant for Global Sales NA Support

6 Bharti G.

"It's hard to find a place where EVERYONE is great, and the technology is fabulous. It's actually exciting to work here, which is hard to say for a company."

Bharti G.
Sales Consultant for Global Sales Support

7 Sean H.

If you want a challenging position that offers many different career paths, and where there is never a dull moment, then Pega should be an obvious choice for you.  The software is amazing and only getting better with each release.  The people you surround yourself with here at Pega will only help to strengthen you as a person and a professional.  If you want to be with THE leader in the BPM space then you must join Pega today!"

Sean H.
Principal Instructor for Global Training

8 David D.

"If you are looking for a cutting edge, fast growth company that is passionate about its customers, partners and employees, then there is no better organization to join than Pega."

David D.
Senior Director for Field Marketing


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