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At the heart of every software company beats the pulse of Engineering. For over 30 years we’ve maintained a rhythm of designing, developing, testing, and supporting the products that have made us the leader in the BPM marketplace, and we’re growing. Our teams create and leverage Pega’s technology to develop applications that our customers rely on to drive their businesses. We use it too. It’s that good.

What’s it like to work in Engineering?

We have individuals and teams located throughout the world, including 9 offices in North America, 11 offices in Europe and 10 offices across Asia Pacific. Our reach is vast by necessity to match our global customer base, but our sense of community is strong and integrated. We understand a business is only as good as the people within it, and that engineers are a special group with high standards for success. We relish this. We build using the best and most innovative technologies to complement our own. We won’t lie to you; it’s a tough job. But we spare no expense to grow our people so they can tackle the most complex technologies to build elegant and agile software. Our products are built for change, which means we have the ability to change as well — rapidly and creatively.

Why work here?

Come to Pega to challenge yourself on projects that touch millions of people every day. You’ll collaborate with some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet, both globally and sitting at the desk next to you. You’ll never, ever be bored.

We’re not a trendy start up, nor a large faceless conglomerate. We’re in that sought-after sweet spot: we’re large enough to have established strength, financial security, and brand recognition, while offering ourselves and our customers the flexibility and enthusiasm to champion entrepreneurship.

We're firm believers that small groups of motivated, team-oriented people build the best products (and have the most fun doing it). We're passionate, fast-moving and completely committed to building the best product for our users. If you're energized by powerful technology, have a love of innovation, and want to make a profound impact on the future of how organizations use technology, give us a call.

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